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Southampton Engagement Session | Hamptons Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to share Laurin and Rick’s recent Hamptons engagement session on my blog!

Hamptons Engagement Session - Hamptons Long Island NY Wedding Photographer

We started off at their house in Southampton so that we could include their precious dogs in the session.

As an animal lover – it brings me great joy to provide portraits and moments that include  beloved pets.

Sultan is the Belgian Shepard and Cooper is the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

I love how in the portrait/moment below Sultan is reaching for Laurin’s leg as Rick makes a kissy face.  hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-2-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-3-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-4-of-32


Clearly, Laurin is not the only one in love with Rick!


Cooper admiring his beautiful fur Mommy and how she can walk in those heels (lol).

hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-7-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-8-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-9-of-32

There are so many interesting and beautiful niches in the Hamptons.

hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-10-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-11-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-12-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-13-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-14-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-15-of-32

Laurin and Rick have a great chemistry – the perfect combination of romantic and fun.

I love these Roman statues in Southampton.

hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-16-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-17-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-18-of-32

Walking through the village of Southampton we came across this classic Cadillac and the owner was kind enough to let us pose for a few photos.  hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-19-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-20-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-21-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-22-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-23-of-32

Animal lovers and ice cream lovers…my kind of couple =)!


Hamptons Wedding Photographer

There are so many American flags hanging in the Village of Southampton and I love to include our Flag in photo sessions.

And when I was taking this photo Laurin and Rick said they were happy that our flag was going to be hanging in the background. hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-25-of-32


And what would an engagement session in the Hamptons be without  some photos at the beach?

The Hamptons have some of the most beautiful beaches on Long Island and in the United States.

hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-27-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-28-of-32

I turned their faces toward the sun in this photo to put them in the warm light of what is called “magic hour” in photography.

hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-29-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-30-of-32 hamptons-engagement-session-hamptons-wedding-photographer-31-of-32


I am so happy to call this down to earth and fun couple my friends now.

And I am looking forward to sharing their wedding day with them next Spring at Oceanbleu in Westhampton.

Thank you  ever so much Laurin and Rick!  x0x0


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