Reflections on September 11th on a Wedding Day

August 29th 2015 began at the Homewood Suites in Edgewater New Jersey where Jessica, the bride to be; was having her hair and makeup done.

Walking into the lobby of the Homewood Suites I immediately noticed many striking photographs of New York City hanging on the walls.

I got in the elevator to go up to Jessica’s room.

The doors of the elevator opened up to a black and white photograph hanging on the wall of the NYC skyline with the Twin Towers. I liked that this photograph was hanging there, it gripped my heart; it is as if the elevator passenger is forced (in a good way) to look at the Twin Towers – never forgetting.

Entering Jessica’s room, I began photographing the details and then her makeup application. As in most bridal “getting ready” rooms, it can be quite a challenge to find artistic images devoid of clutter.

Upon completion of Jessica’s makeup, her makeup artist handed her a mirror and as Jessica was looking at her own reflection in the compact mirror – I observed her reflection in the framed photograph above the sofa parallel to where she was sitting.

Getting up close to the glass I placed Jessica in a part of the existing composition of this dramatic sunset scene of the NYC skyline containing the Twin Towers.

Sometimes when I take photographs, they seem to take on metaphors.
In this case – yes – this is a photograph of a beautiful bride preparing for her wedding day – checking out her reflection before putting on her wedding gown.
Moreover, her reflection is captured within a historic vignette that so many Americans reflect on – especially as we approach September 11th.

Life truly is a precious gift and as much as it is vital to look ahead to the future – may we all never stop reflecting and remembering the past.

September 11th - NJ Wedding - NY Wedding Photographer