This sweet extended family photo session was photographed at the Horton Point Lighthouse in Southold NY..

While vacationing on the North Fork this extended family decided to make some time for a family photo session. It  was a fun place for both of the families and their little boys (cousins) to visit.

I photographed several family formal configurations and then captured some candid moments  that involved water guns, bug hunting and bubbles.

After exploring the lighthouse grounds and the taking in the gorgeous view of the boats traveling across the Long Island Sound; we made our way down the lengthy staircase to sea level.

I highly recommend visiting this historic Long Island landmark.

Here are some of my favorites from their session.

North Fork Family Photo Session at Horton Point Lighthouselong-island-family-photographer-2-of-28long-island-family-photographer-3-of-28long-island-family-photographer-4-of-28

This yellowjacket tried interrupting  this mother and son’s bubble blowing and I love how intently he locks eyes with the “pesty” pest as it flies away.


A little water gun training by Dad.long-island-family-photographer-6-of-28

And he is a pro right off the first bat!


Haha…backfiring now… as mother and son spray Dad! =)


Apparently water guns can  also double a a bug hunting gun – notice how intently he locks eyes on the teency fly (black spec – if viewing on a mobile device) …sitting on the edge of the porch.




Here are some of the family formal configurations which include 2 sisters with their parents, their sons and their mother in law.




In addition to water guns , bubbles, trucks and a lawn mower (not to mention a few bribes) these cute boys  had a great time .


John pointing to the boats.


The North Fork is so beautiful!

long-island-family-photographer-26-of-28long-island-family-photographer-27-of-28long-island-family-photographer-28-of-28I am ending this blog with the sweet photo above and for the record I did not tell them to do this – They are just a naturally adorable couple/family!

Thank you so very much for having me everyone!