Hamptons Beach Proposal | Engagement at Gin Beach

I am so excited to share Alexa and Peter’s Hamptons beach proposal photographed at Gin Beach!

Gin Beach is located in the town of Southampton and is one of Peter & Alexa’s “happy places.”

When planning a proposal – choosing a meaningful location that holds sentiment and fond memories is always best.

Peter and Alexa arrived before sunset with beach chairs  – a cooler and 2 pizza pies in tow.

What could be better than to enjoy delicious pizza – oceanfront at sunset in the Hamptons?

Getting engaged to your best friend and being totally surprised!

Alexa’s reactions are priceless.

Well done Peter!

Sharing some of my favorites fun engagement!

Boyfriend is kneeling and proposing marriage to his girlfriend on the beach in the Hamptons. Girlfriend is reacting to her boyfriend proposing marriage on the beach in Southampton. Hamptons Beach Proposal - Couple on the beach in the Hamptons - groom is kneeling and proposing marriage. Hamptons Beach proposal - groom placing ring on bride's finger. Hamptons Beach Proposal - Bride admiring ring that her groom just placed on her finger. couple newly engaged admiring the engagement ring. Couple looking at each other after she said yes. Hamptons beach proposal. Couple hugging on the beach after she said yes to his surprise marriage proposal. Pear shaped engagement ring Engaged couple laughing and hugging on beach in Southampton, NY. Fun surprise marriage proposal in the Hamptons - Groom lifting his bride. Groom ordered pizza for his Hamptons marriage proposal - couple holding up the pies for a picture.

Delicious pies from La Parmigiana in Southampton!

Newly engaged fiancés feeding each other pizza on the beach in the Hamptons. Engagement portrait at Gin Beach in Southampton, NY.

Engagement Ring

Alexa’s stunning pear shaped engagement ring from Marisa Perry Atelier.

Sunset silhouette of newly engaged couple on the beach in Southampton, NY.

I always recommend scheduling your beach proposal about an hour before sunset.

This produces soft flattering light – void of harsh shadows and squinting – plus we can take some sunset photos.

St. Andrew’s Dune Church butts up against the back of Gin Beach and the crosses made for a captivating sunset photo to close their amazing session.



I had so much fun capturing Peter & Alexa’s surprise proposal. If we followed the Tik Tok /Instagram trends of  “marry me” signs and rose petals etc…it would have greatly diminished their reactions as well as the sheer fun and emotion.

If you are looking for natural proposal photography – Please contact me here  – I would love to document this special moment for you and your future fiancé.

You can read more about my proposal approach here.  I can help you plan your surprise marriage proposal and engagement. The photos will be cherished for years to come!